An old Thunderbird and other reference photos... You may use the exact natural colour photos
here, as your main reference... To adjust and calibrate your computer screen - for the most
accurate light, contrast and natural colours... Or in shops, before you buy a notebook!

This photo has a warm sunny colour balance... So the cream white car should be almost white, with light
golden / beige shadows... The black, totally black and the ground, slightly to very sunny or golden...
Finally should the green backround and red inside, be deep and the chrome look razor sharp...

You can also click the picture and ZOOM in on the 800x600 version...

You should FIRST check the grey... So you really can see every single shade (step)
in the bar below... Set first white, close to max (normally) and adjust then the black.

You should NOT see any colour tint (type only grey and no blue tone) with
the right colour temperature... And 26 square shades, for extra fine screens!

And our "sand or paper" background, show very easy if your screen have a partly different
brightness or saturation (some difference is normal, but the colour tone should be the same)
and be so light, that you just can see the pattern (grooves) without any green or pink tone!!

And you should NOT see any colour tone in the crome or grey in this pictures - except
in the second picture with the divers watch from Citizen, that has a slightly brown tone.

Click a picture, to see the big one!

Some natural skin colours and very deep red lips...

Some other common screen setting errors... The video card should first and only use your flat screen's real
"native resolution" wihich is the max number of pixels and you should also turn off any text smoothing, to get
clear sharp text - that naturally is more easy to read... And you can then set bigger fonts / texts elsewhere.

How I optimized this reference photos... I did first adjust my own screen extremely carefully, with help of the
finest natural samples (that was said to have perfect colors) in the finest digital camera review sites and since
then is almost every picture I show in my sites - optimized for natural light, contrast, colours and more...

You are welcome to "right-click" my CAR picture and copy, to your private collection
and your friends... But my car picture is still Copyright protected by BB and it is of
course illegal to remove (or cover) the green sign!

Companies and Web Masters... May use our exclusive pictures
and graphic elements, for free... Click here for more info!

A friendly warning! You should never link directly to any picture or graphic
on this site... That would first take longer time (and make your page slower)
and you may also get a bad surprise (or dead link) if I change the name!

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