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The only system for world peace
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The only system for world peace
- That should work and in addition save money -
Copyright by BB * See more info, at the end...

This system or method was developed 29 December 1993 by me... Strangely enough, did Ingvar Carlsson who was our prime minister at that time, propose a very similar concept, just a few days later... But he did mainly propose an international peace keeping force and that is "only" one of several vital parts (or elements) of my system...

Peace is mainly when political groups don't use any weapons or terror, to fight or control other groups... So the primary goal with my system, is "simply" to eliminate the main reasons to fight with weapons or terror... And this system will also save a lot of money, that instead can make everyones life better.

How to eliminate the main reasons to fight with weapons or terror?!?
People have millions of reasons to do things, but the goal with every armed conflict, is to get one of four results... To replace the sitting government, to change any borders, to force down (discriminate) a part of the population or to simply stay in power, at any cost... Terrorist acts have the same goals and are included in that principle.
So if you have a strong effective international peace keeping force, that have every right to ONLY reinstall the sitting government, that was changed by an armed force and change back any borders, that are changed by a armed conflict... Plus to protect unarmed people, if the government use armed force (including torture, prison or any other act of terror) to discriminate or just stay in power... Then will you take away the main reasons to fight... Any armed conflict will simply be completely useless, because it will be impossible to gain (win) anything by using force!

How can we create a superior international peace keeping force?!?
1 At least 6 average states (or 3 big) must first understand and accept the concept, including the four goals... "The right to reinstall the sitting government and change back any borders, that are changed by an armed conflict... Plus to protect unarmed people, if the government use armed force (including torture, prison or any other act of terror) to discriminate or stay in power."
Why must we limit the goals to that?!?
Because people are very different and countries have everything from very bad democratic governments, to excellent non democratic governments... And a peace keeping force, should never do anything that may create problems, as interfere in any countries "friendly" political life... The simple goals with my system, will guarantee that the force never will harm any state or political group, as long as they not use weapons or excessive force... And the last part about protect people is necessary, so the sitting government not use the extra high safety and stability (that my system give them) to abuse the people, or simply kill off the opposition!
2 Then must other countries, that just like the idea of protection and want to save money, only accept the powers a peace keeping force will have, to get basic protection... All countries don't have to agree - but countries that not accept the peace keeping force, can naturally not benefit from the safety the force offer, even if they will need help later... Okay, if something happen will the peace keeping force anyhow offer it's help and it will naturally help to defend any country, that change it's mind and totally accept the terms.
3 Finally must minimum 10 average states (or 5 big) invest 20% of the original military budget, in the creation and support of an international peace keeping force and they can then cut the old budget to those 20% and 20% to max 30% more, which is enough for both the international peace keeping force and a very effective domestic task force, design to stop acute terror activities... Which means a huge budget saving of 40 to 50% and then can they also use a big part of the savings, to help people around the world... The international peace keeping force (that will be trained and placed in the member states) will then protect this states and any state that accept the power of the force... Plus states that change their mind, ask for help and sign up for an equal membership...
So any state can then join the peace alliance and reduce the military budget, dramatically... The giant economical advantage, should then convince more and more states to join, until almost every state in the world is included... And when they become 20 average states (or something like 10 average and 5 big) must they only spend 10% of the original budget, on the international peace keeping force and they can reduce the old military budget to 25% totally and then anyhow get a clearly higher security!!

Hmm... The 10-20% figure, is only an example and the costs for the peace keeping force, should also be relative to the population (not only the original military budget) and normally be enough to make a clearly stronger COMBINED peace keeping force, than the old military in any if the member states... And any country can naturally keep more of the old budget and a very strong domestic force, if they want extra safety... Every country will also declare and demonstrate their peaceful intentions, by joining the peace alliance and even if they can keep a rather strong military force, will they soon understand that there is no reason to waste money on that and probably reduce the force dramatically, within ten years.

Copyright from 1993 by BB (the creator of Vantage Tech Magazine) and this article may only be copied with a clear mention of the source, including a link to www.vantechmag.com and without any changes.

Some nice tip, that might improve your life!

First my best advice for a long and happy life... Understand that time, is the main problem and try to use it good... The best tool to manage your life, is a modern smartphone and they are NOT a big investment, anymore... Click here to find the best!
Try then to ALWAYS to see the good parts first and remember that everything use to have a good side... The weather is anyhow so bad (at least often) that it make no sense to make life even worse... And if you can't change bad stuff, is it best to do the best of the situation...
Two pieces of "garlic in marinade" each day, should keep you free from any cold and even flu, it work magic for me (had constant nose problems before) and the marinade, take actually away the strong taste from the garlic - so you will NOT get any bad breath, either ;-)
I got extreme stomach pains (magkatarr in Swedish) Christmas 2003 and not even the ordinary medicine, did eliminate all the pain... But I did remember that my grandmother said that bananas (musa paradisiaca) is like balsam for your tummy, so I did try some and any sign of pain disappear directly... I read then that 75% that only eat "nice for your tummy food" which include fried stuff, spice, coffee, tea, soda, juice and even more delicious things - get anyhow stomach trouble again... And I just LOVE wild food, so I did figure out a nice method... If you simply make little less of your main meal and then finish with a banana - will you simply replace some wild food, with a very good "healing" banana and normally never get any stomach problems... And that did work perfect for me since 2003 so I can continue to only eat wild food, except my daily banana... Then should you store your bananas at 12-14C or in room temperature and not in the fridge...
A serious WARNING about two popular vitamins... According to the latest research, in several huge studies, does extra much vitamin C not prevent cold and too low levels of vitamin C is also very rare (even if you need your daily dose) so you don't need more vitamin C than you anyhow get through food and fruits, like a glass of orange juice... But vitamin C and especially vitamin E is anti oxidants that stop free radicals... So some extra vitamin E does protect your cells from oxidation, but not more than 5 times the recommended dose (more give instead negative side effects, as weak bones) and you should also take this vitamin together with some food, to get a good effect... And a high dose of vitamin A can even be dangerous, max twice the recommended daily dose is safe and you get actually too much, with just one extra pill daily!
And its naturally important to live in harmony with your fellow human beings, so it would be ideal if we all speak English as first language!

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