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You can write articles, for this magazine! We welcome any interesting and deep articles for Vantage Technology Magazine about "great technology" and that can be everything from small delights (type hifi, video cameras, computers, timepieces) to extra fine vehicles (type cars, boats, airplanes) and mainly written like inspiring honest reviews, that begin with every advantage and then inform about any "but's" too... You can also write a much deeper article, about anything we recommend now... And naturally interesting reportage with pictures (that we will optimize) from exclusive homes and any place of great beauty, as holiday locations... You may also write additional deep helpful advice about hifi, computers and for example, how to get the best quality on youTube... Plus any other stuff, that people would love to read about... Yes, even tip about excellent web sites, can be very interesting!
You may write long or short... BUT we will only publish stories about stuff we really like (type not about any car I think is ugly) and we don't care about ordinary news, with stuff that not is very special or clearly finer than the competition... So you MUST email us and tell what you like to write about, maybe with some details and alternatives BEFORE you really begin to write... Then will we normally adjust your text, anyhow and let you check it, before we publish your story... We can also fix and optimize very bad (but rather sharp) pictures!
And your articles will then live forever! Yes, we will publish everything forever and if it really get outdated, in some vital part, will we simply move it to More fine Articles... So the articles your write will enjoy, inspire and enlighten a lot more people, than in any paper magazine... You may publish the story with your name, email and naturally together with a very nice link, to your website... Or be totally anonymous... But we offer this magazine, completely free and that is almost too expensive, so we can't pay you more, than the great honour and satisfaction of enlightening your readers!
Click here to email me... And if you include some pictures, they must be either - officially public domain, fine pix from the advertising of a product (that you like and write rather positively about, so the pix should be ok to use) pix with clear permission to publish in this magazine or originals, made by You!

Companies... It is a great honour, to become a Best Buy in our fine guide... That show normally, that your product is superior and give a higher value, than hundreds of your competitors and that's great promotion... You are also very welcome to send finer pictures, of the models we write about... Plus information, on products we should grade as a Best Buy or at least a fine alternative and write about...
And test samples we don't have to return, if we confirm that we actually want to write about that product... We will then write a deep review (on a separate page) if the product are very interesting... And we can anyhow write a deep article (with our honest opinion) even if we not love the product, if we only get a sample to review (that we may have to return) and 200-300 euros, to cover our time... See also here about exclusive low cost banner advertising, in Vantage Technology Magazine!

Do you want to become a Rich and Famous writer??
I have a rare talent for creating finer "systems" and a great story, is in fact a delicate system of intriguing elements... And I have now develop 28 complete and very interesting intrigues, for over 50 books - but I have no time to write them, the next ten years... Or the special talent, to really make my stories justice... I have read a lot of fine books, but I get normally rather disappointed on the story and most of my intrigues are actually more fascinating than the finest books I read, except a few extraordinary masterpieces like the short stories of Roald Dahl.... And I got some of my intrigues, as very detailed "visions" of what I would love to read...
Then are my stories strangely enough very different and cover almost every style - including adventure, thriller, comedy, action, documentary drama, science fiction, horror, romantic drama and advanced erotica - even if every single story is both rich and very genuine... Like a clear golden memory, of a real event... Some is partly dreamy, but never vague and none is too complex, even if they normally have many layers... Most of my stories are very advanced intrigues, with complete detailed chapters and from 2 to 22% erotic scenes... From just some slightly erotic feelings, to deeply erotic side stories... And then are 11 of the intrigues advanced erotic stories, for about 20 books...
Every one of my intrigues are especially more interesting than ordinary bestsellers (my minimum limit, for writing down an idea) and some of them have purely amazing qualities, according to the few who read them... And they get often very frustrated and even angry, because they really want to read the complete books and not wait ten years or even longer!
So I am now looking for a very serious "partner" who write elegant, flowing and very engaging / interesting... You must especially capture the spirit of the intrigue and naturally make it justice... But you may also improve the story, in any way I approve and hopefully write many parts more brilliant, than I can do... Without loosing the deeper qualities of the story... Some of my finest stories, are very exact and can only be written in one way, so a few books will demand a lot of discipline and at the same time be a very interesting challenge to write!
You must first sign a special agreement of secrecy, which must include that "I will only use original ideas from (my name) intrigues, as a writing partner and then split any profits equal" before I give you more information... Then can you select any of my intrigues, even from the six finest... Yes, you must anyhow begin with the first chapter and then may you only continue (with one of my finest) if I really enjoy or love your writing style... And if I just like your writing style, can you continue with any other intrigue, except my six finest... And if the complete book become really fine (at least) can you naturally continue with any of my finest intrigues!
I will anyhow give you any feedback and deeper details you may need, to really write a masterpiece... And we will split any future profit equal, which should become a lot of money (in good time) and you can also be the official author (if you like) who meet the media and may get really famous, after some books... Your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer that) will always come first, after "Written by" inside the books and then will my name or pseudonym follow after "Story by" even if you did improve some parts... So this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime, if you have the talent and time... Following is a message to Swedish writers... Och sedan är jag Svensk, så du kan naturligtvis skriva på Svenska... Click here to email me!

Do you have a web site?? Then must you naturally link to Vantage Technology Magazine and give your visitors something extra fine... We will always be completely free, add more pictures in the magazine and in time, expand with a lot more fine stuff... And we will naturally link back to you, in our page with the finest links, if you have a very interesting or excellent site... Click here for link info and fine banners!

Exclusive low cost Banner Advertising We have reserved some very fine space, for your banner, in our magazine... One exclusive spot, at the end of the front page and the same space on the first page, in the 12 main sections... Yes, that will only be 13 banners, totally!
The very nice location (which is a high space, beside the main sections OR a wider space, just above our copyright info) is the natural place to select and continue to your site... And we have also very generous prices... Click here for a lot more info!


B. Blomberg - Publisher, Editor, Photographer and
System designer of Vantage Technology Magazine

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